Windermere Marathon

17th May 2019

Windermere Marathon

The Windermere Marathon is one of a handful of marathon’s that is run entirely within a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s been described as the most friendly and beautiful marathon in the UK. It starts at Brathay Hall over looking Lake Windermere, then through Hawkshead,  the 4 mile marker on to the long assent at Devils Gallop 7 miles and then on to Newby Bridge to clock up 12 miles, followed by Bowness to bring it to 20 miles, then to Low Wood Bay at 24 miles then back on the home straight via Waterhead to Brathay.

“I started to think about the marathon last year and had always wanted to it for my dear friend Sue who passed away from lung cancer almost 4 years ago,  I will be running for the Lung Cancer Foundation in her memory.

As a Personal Trainer I have always been fit it kinda ‘goes with the territory’ but I have never been a runner, so that was a challenge in itself!  I have to confess, I did find it hard getting out on the road and away from the gym. My training started slowly with just 3 miles, my pace isn’t fast but with each run I started to improve.  Over 6 months of training I started to increase the miles 3 to 6 then double figures to 10. After sticking with 10 miles which was really quite hard I added in the hills, I took on the Struggle (the famous Kirkstone Pass) and then increased my mileage to 15 adding more hills which was even harder!  I have hit the 20 mile mark and that was the hardest, but what boost it gave and made me believe I could do it!  I had my last training run on the 14th and now I just have 2 sleeps till the big day. I can’t lie I am a bit nervous but very excited, it’s a challenge but for a worthy course close to my heart. I’ll be looking out for the family & friends from the hotel to give me a cheer and hopefully the odd Jelly Baby on the way round – it’s going to be a crazy experience will it be one that I repeat? – ask me Sunday Night!”

Sarah Clements PT

I did it! Thank you for all the support! Sarah