Sharing Board of lightly Spices Meat Balls  £12.95

Cooked in a rich tomatao passata with oven baked salted mini potato wedges and served with a garlic mayonnasie dip

Lakeland Fish Platter £12.95

Home smoked Esthwaite trout, cold pressed salmon,smoked mackeral pate, capers, marie rose, brown bread and butter

Greek Mezze £12.95

Plate of mixed sweet balsamic onions, sun dried tomato, cherry vine tomatao, feta cheese, guacamole pot, fennel bread and mixed leaves

Bread and Olives £6.95

Four Slices of Garlic Bread  £4.00

Four Slices Cheese Glazed Garlic Bread  £5.00

Crisp toasted cooked to order garlic bread, glazed with local cheese


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