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Pot of Indian Tea (per person) / £2.45

Speciality Tea (per person) / £2.45

Farrers of Kendal Coffee Cafetiere (per person) / £2.95

Cappuccino / Latte / 2.95

Espresso / £1.95


Liqueur Coffees

From £7.95


Amaretto is a sweet, almond flavoured liqueur of Italian origin dating back to 1525, made from a base of apricots and almonds, with added spices and flavours.


A brand of triple sec liqueur, with an orange flavour, produced in Angers in North West France with the company still being owned by the Cointreau family.  Cointreau sources its bitter oranges from all over the world, usually Spain, Brazil and Saint-Raphael in Haiti.



A honey and herb flavoured golden scotch whisky liqueur, made from aged malt whisky, heather honey and a secret blend of spices, produced in Broxburn, Scotland.

Tia Maria

A Coffee liqueur made originally in Jamaica using Jamaican coffee beans, cane spirit, vanilla and sugar.

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