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All Ambleside Salutation Health Club & Spa members (“Members”), guests and visitors (together “you”) must comply with these Rules. These Rules are incorporated into a Member’s Contract with us and compliance with these Rules is important both to maintain the standards at the Club and to enable Members to get full enjoyment from their Membership. Any person who does not comply with these Rules may be ejected from or denied access to a Club or may have their Membership terminated by The Ambleside Salutation Health Club & Spa if the non-compliance is serious.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to these Rules and our operational rules at any time. If we do this we will give Members reasonable advance notice by placing the new Rules on a notice board within the Club.

In these Rules, “us”, “we” or “our” means ‘The Ambleside Salutation Health Club & Spa’ trading through any ‘The Ambleside Salutation Hotel’. Words and phrases in these Rules have the same meanings as given in our Membership Terms & Conditions unless specified otherwise.