Spa Manager

Which is your favourite treatment to do?

Indian Head Massage – I find it amazing how this treatment is so relaxing and beneficial to the customer. It relives stress and tension and gives a great sense of calmness well being and is also perfect for conditioning for the skin and hair too.


What is your favourite product?

Bespoke Cleansing balm for all skin – This is the best cleanser I have used.  It feels so comforting and nurturing on your skin.  When you have used it your skin feels really hydrated and clean.


What beauty item could you not live without?

A lip balm  – I have loads of them and am constantly applying it!


How have you been keeping yourself entertained during lockdown?

I have been trying to keep my two  4 year old daughters entertained and occupied.  Also walking, running and  binge watching a few TV series on Netflix.


If you were stuck on a desert island , what is the one thing you would take with you if you could?

I’d have to take two – my two daughters Callie and Bo!