Room Information

E – H

Book your time with Reception or alternatively you can set your alarm on the clock.

These are unaffected by the energy saving card holder at the entrance to the room and will continue to work when the lights go off.

In the event of an emergency, call Reception immediately on ‘0’ during the day. At night call ‘300’ or dial ‘9’ then 32244 or ‘9’ then 07706913532.

There is a mechanical fan for heating or cooling in every room which can be located in the wardrobe if needed.

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For your own safety please read the Fire Notice on the bedroom door and familiarize yourself with the evacuation route and procedure.  Please note that the Fire Alarm system is checked each Monday at 11am.

If you are elderly, infirm or have any disabilities which would hinder your evacuation from the building, please inform Reception so that, in the event of an emergency, we can make special provisions for your welfare. Our fire detector system is very sensitive, so please ensure the bathroom door is closed when using the bath or shower, as steam can activate the alarm system.

The FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT in case of emergency is located in the car park opposite the front door by Woodlands bedroom. 

All our rooms are serviced daily. To indicate that you would NOT like your room serviced, please place the housekeeping card provided in the slot in your bedroom door displaying the DO NOT DISTURB message.