Spa Treatments

Our luxurious spa treatments and packages are open for you to enjoy a massage or beauty treatment.  

Whether you have a few hours to unwind or a morning or afternoon to recharge come and indulge yourself in beautiful surroundings and enjoy one of our luxurious treatments

We offer a range of luxurious facial and body treatments from Clarins, the experts in skincare. Their products start with nature. But they couldn’t do it without science. It’s the beautifully unique harmony of the two that makes Clarins, They use over 250 natural plant extracts in their formulas. Like the plants they use, they are continuously growing and learning. Following wherever the latest science leads them. They take all this unique-to-you information from your skin, combine it with some serious science know-how, plant power and over sixty-five years of experience, before distilling it all into every single one of their treatments. It’s that harnessing the power of science, nature and massage simultaneously, gives you an experience unlike any other.





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